Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Update On Sweet Ivy

Ivy has been asleep for a very long time. And while we had moments seconds of what seemed like she was aware of her surroundings, nodding yes and no, even if for just a few seconds, today her eyes still wander when lifted open. She has a very invasive bi pap mask on that is blowing a hurricane in to her and she does not protest it or even reach for it. They say that the drugs are in her tissue and she could just need more time. However they were very quick to comply to my request of Neurology coming out to take a look at her. I'm so thankful that they include me in every decision and every plan. They never round without me, if I run to the restroom (there are none on in her unit), they wait, knowing I will be here. They always ask me if I have questions or concerns and they always spend as much time with me as I need.
She is getting an Echo right now, just to be sure all is well with her heart, and she will get a full eval from Neurology this afternoon. 
A music therapist came in today and played for her. Thank you Jen for setting that up!!! At PCH they use classical music as therapy for the healing process from day 1. Here they have no such thing. And PT and Child Life were in the room from day one too at PCH. Here we have not seen Child Life or any therapists at all and it's been 2 weeks. I think that is odd for the #1 hospital in the world, but we know they get that rating from the medical aspect. And it is well deserved!! 

Due to not breathing more than just shallow breaths (since she is in this deep sleep) her right lung has collapsed. It is a little better this morning, but still the bottom half is fully collapsed. 

Her body is not urinating on its own, she is requiring a cath again. She was without it for several days but after going all day Monday without making a wet diaper, they put the foley back in Monday night. 

She does move her arms and legs, she does turn her head. This happens every 3-4 hours for a few seconds, then back to sleep with no movement she goes. 

So my prayer requests today are obvious and desperate.

I have sobbed with a very heavy heart this morning. My little girl has been through so much. And she can't wake up to breathe on her own! I'm crying out to God today. I'm asking that He agree that she's been through enough. That He breathe life back in to her little body and reignite her spirit! That we see Ivy come back to us, today!  

My prayer request to all of your are obvious.
That Ivy would wake up.
That from a neurological view, there is no cause for alarm.
That God would continue to breath life in to her lung and her body.
And that God would continue to give me the strength that only He can provide. I have nothing left to give, but every day He makes me new again. I am empty at 1am as I lay my head on my pillow but at 5am I rise anew again. Filled with the strength to get through one more day. 
From Mary
I will be in great prayer today and my faith will be renewed and I will be reminded that when I am weak He is strong. For faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of 
what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

Friends please pray for this sweet little girl who has been through so much and please also pray for her mom Mary.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Active Again

I know it's been awhile since my last post.  We have been recouping from this viral infection Noah caught.  We knew it was bound to happen.  Even though  I had been faithfully, sanitizing, passing out vitamins and filling there belly's with Emergen-C there is just no avoiding it. Whenever Noah gets a fever we have to let the transplant team know so they can put him inactive on the list.  He needs to be free from infection to accept his new heart.  I have to say in a small way it was nice to not have to worry when my phone rang or be in a panik that at any moment we could get "The Call".  We are however thankful that Noah will be put active on the list again tomorrow. Thankful because its what he needs to continue to survive and feel good again.  We took Noah to see Dr. Chang today and he is putting him on a Beta Blocker medication.  We are awaiting the Treclear in the mail that Dr. Alejos ordered him that will help prepare his lungs for transplant.  This will make three, which to some may not seem so bad.  But a few months ago he wasn't on any and soon he will be on 15.  It's a lot sometimes for us to process as these things become our new way of life.  We know were not alone in this and that help us get through this not so fun road.

Please continue to pray for Noah.  We have updated his prayer map.  If you are praying for Noah in one of the states that doesn't have a heart sticker, please let us know we would love to add you and fill up his map.

Check out what amazing things God is doing with Ivy.....

A lot of you have prayed with me for sweet Ivy Joy and I just want to share her latest miracle-
God is always moving mountains as you will read on Mary's blog

Monday, October 15, 2012

Blessed Beyond Words

Oh sweet friends I can't begin to describe the overflow of Joy I'm feeling right now.  Blessed beyond words to have this level of love and support flow out from each one of you.

Last night our wonderful Church family put on a cook out and pie auction to help raise money for future medical needs.  Raise money they did indeed.  They raised over $10,000.  Honestly it was so much more than the money that they gave our family.  They showed us that when one of the body hurts we all hurt.  They showed us Joy in giving.  They showed us sacrifice.  They joyfully served and loved on us so well. They showed our children that we just don't read God's words and commandments we act them out.  It was such an incredible fun and emotional evening. We are blessed to be apart of an incredible church body.

As I said in my facebook status "Thankful is just not strong enough of a word to convey the emotions I'm feeling right now. So much love, thought, creativity, organization, and fun went into providing such an incredible event. So blessed to be apart of a church body that really displays the LOVE of Christ so well. You all mean the world to our family. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you.

Also a special thank you to Amanda Oakes for her countless time, planning, and running of the event and her amazing team for pulling it all together.  Our family will never forget it.  

Thank you also to Lucy Nolan from Channel 4 NBC news for coming out, shooting the event, and even buying a pie :)

For lots more pictures go to our website at

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Please Pray For Sweet Ivy Joy


So many of us have followed Ivy's amazing story since she was placed in Mary's arms in China just eight months ago.  We have marveled at the way prayers have been answered for this precious child.  Now, more than ever, Ivy Joy needs your help...  She needs your prayers, and she needs your support to come along side her family as they prepare for their arrival in Boston on Sunday where Ivy Joy is scheduled for life saving open heart surgery on Friday, October 19th!

A group of Mary's friends have come together with a special fundraiser for Ivy Joy. The dollars raised will go to offset travel, hotel, meals, and incremental medical expenses for their time in Boston, and beyond.  So the purpose of this post, is to get you all involved.   This is how you can help TODAY!!

1.  Buy a Tee-Shirt or Buy multiple Tee-Shirts!  These shirts will be regular fitted heather gray tee shirts for women and girls.  The Team at Wild Olives has lovingly gone above and beyond to help us get the quality of shirts we all have come to love from their collection.  **The order button is at the bottom of this post or at the top of my sidebar.  I will be facilitating the distribution of these shirts when they arrive!  I am beyond thankful to Stefanie and Colleen for working behind the scenes to make this shirt possible!


2.  Spread The Joy by Spreading the Word!  Please share this post on your blogs, Facebook pages, Grab our button, etc..  We will take orders until Thursday, October 18th.  Shirts will be shipped as soon as they are ready, which we are estimating to take 3 weeks!    Tell everyone you know about this precious baby girl and how they can help!!

Spread the Joy

3.  PRAY for Ivy Joy, for Mary and Bryan and for the entire "S" family as they faithfully let Ivy go into this surgery she so desperately needs.  Ivy NEEDS prayers for protection, for healing, and for the strength to endure what is ahead for her to recover from this major operation!  Ivy's life thus far, is a reminder that "Nothing Is Too Big or Too Hard for God"!  Ivy is scheduled for an echo on Monday, a Heart Cath on Wednesday, and Open Heart Surgery on Friday of next week.

Mary will be updating her blog with Ivy's Boston schedule.  Please stop  and leave Mary a note of encouragement.  You will find Mary's blog here.

Thank you for loving this baby girl and her family!  Now please help us

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