Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Sunday, May 22, 2011

God"s Unfailing Love

So Thankful for such a wonderful weekend spending time with the Lord. Friday my husband gave me a wonderful night away. I got to leave early friday morning and go get a much needed massage at Glen Ivy :) Then I headed down to Dana Point. I can not tell you how nice it was to be in the word and prepare for speaking at the ladies tea with out any distractions. I got some much needed alone time. It made me a much better mommy and wife when I returned Saturday afternoon. The Tea was absolutely beautiful. We have such talented ladies who are so creative with there tables. It was just so nice to be in the company of wonderful woman. After I spoke at the tea a lady and her daughter came up to me. They explained some ailments that there daughter was having that were very similar to mine. They explained that the doctors have never been able to diagnose some of the symptoms. They said she was so depressed and tired of not getting any answers. She has never seen a neurologist and had never thought too until hearing my story. I agreed to meet with the daughter some time soon. I was brought to tears. The Lord is already using this trial and if I were to choose to wallow in my diagnoses I would miss all that God is doing. He is always there and we need to trust him that he is working out his plan. It was a beautiful day. Saturday night was time spent with the family and then today has been a beautiful reflection on the book of Isaiah. Our church has spent the last couple of years going through the book of Isaiah. Today we had a reflection service and it was very moving. This weekend seems to be themed around God's Unfailing Love.

How have you all seen God's Unfailing Love ? I would love to hear.

Monday, May 16, 2011

A brief update

Last Friday I had an EMG test done. I'm not gonna lie it was just plain awful. I have bruises from all the needle injections :) The doctor said that he only found traces of the Myotonia in two areas of my body. He said it wasn't wide spread enough to get a confirmation of the disease. He would like me to do some genetic testing. This requires approval from my insurance. It is a blood test that needs to be read in a special lab. I left the appointment more confused and frustrated that we still did not have a solid answer and that it is going to take 6 more weeks until we know more information. The planner in me wanted answers so that I could move forward with the next steps. I quickly remembered that God is in control and know without a doubt that he will be building my patience and character through this long wait. I hate how I quickly forget how faithful he has been in my life and has always done amazing things. I forget to ask him for total healing. I certainly know he has the ability and he can choose to if he desires. I have requested to see another neurologist to get a second opinion. I could not get into see him until next month. I laugh because I'm always telling my kids to be patient and I often struggle with it so much more. I know I will eventually get answers so for now I will rest in the fact that I know my God is in control and he is walking with me every step of the way. Thanks for all your sweet words of encouragement and prayers.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Seeing God through the Craziness.

I apologize for being MIA. I have been extremely tired and busy. I have had so many ideas for blog entrys and no energy to sit down and post them. With birthdays, t-ball, homeschool, end of the year stuff, Easter, Mothers Day,The Ladies Tea, Husband traveling for work and planning his China trip life has been CRAZY BUSY. As if that wasn't enough. After a few years of trying to figure out my weight loss and muscle weakness we finally got some answers. I saw a Neurologist last week and he is pretty certain that I have Myatonic Dystrophy. Whaaaaattt? I know I had the same reaction. Not exactly the funnest words to hear. Myatonic Dystrophy is a form of Muscular Dystrophy. It is uncureable and the progression affects everyone differently. There are many forms so we are having tests to find out exactly which form I have. I really feel strongly that the Lord had been preparing my heart for this news. I was asked to speak at our Ladies Tea at church a couple of months ago. I nervously said yes. The theme is on God's Unfailing Love and I have been spending time in the word reading about God's love in the midst of suffering. This is no coincidence. Also the night before my appointment I was looking stuff up online. I was getting nervous as I read more life threating diseases that I had symptoms for. So when I got the news the next day I was thankful that the doctor did not say it was any of the ones I had read up on. This has been a lot to take in and figure out exactly what this is going to look like for the future. I know however that I just want to be used by God in every situation I'm dealt with. I know that he will use this for his glory and I will see him in beautiful ways. He has blessed my life in more ways than I ever deserve. We serve a wonderful God who holds us in the palm of his hand and wants only the best for his people. He never promised us a nice comfortable life on Earth but he has promised us eternity with him with no suffering and no pain. Oh how I long for the day to see my savior face to face. This news will not crush my spirit but make me believe stronger in the things My Lord can do. Nothing is impossible with God. He works together all things for good for those who believe in him. We would appreciate all your prayers. More details to come.