Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Make A Wish

 Last night Make A Wish along with Chik Fil- A La Habra threw an incredible wish reveal party.  Noah was completely overwhelmed and had no idea what was going on and why his close friends and family were yelling Surprise!!  Six months ago Make A Wish came to our home to interview Noah and find out what his wish was.  Noah had a hard time coming up with something but knew he loved going on vacations with his family.  After some narrowing down and some time to think it over they helped him come up with a few options.  Noah was excited thinking of the possibility of his wish coming true  sometime after his Transplant.  Little did we all know that this would become a reality before

Transplant.  I received a call just two weeks ago from Make A Wish saying that they have received approval from our doctors and were ready to book Noah's trip.  WOW!! I was excited but reluctant because I needed to talk to the doctors myself to find out if this was really a good idea.  Our doctors were so excited for Noah.  They recommended we go now while Noah could eat whatever he wanted, not have to lug a ton of medication around, and we wouldn't have to worry about signs of rejection.  What about getting the Call?  His doctors said we will take him off the list while you are away and he wont lose any time he will go back on when we return to the same position.  They encouraged us to take lots of pictures and make lots of memories.  WOW!!!  So we are listening to our doctors and leaving this Saturday. Yes you read that right this Saturday!!  Last night Make A Wish revealed to Noah that they are sending our family on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas.  I loved seeing my sweet boys face when he found out we could go away before his transplant.  To say we are grateful is such an under statement.  We do not feel deserving of these blessings and it has been overwhelming to see how many people made this party and trip possible.  We just can't thank you all enough.  What a gift that we will remember forever.

Please pray that we would be able to relax, pray for good health for Noah, and that we would use this blessing for God's glory.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pacemaker Surgery

I wanted to give you all an update on what's going on with my (Melody) heart.  Last week I saw a new Cardiac Electrophysiologist(heart doctor that studies the electrical part of your heart).  Dr. Chang highly recommended I see him, and even though this doctor is in San Diego I of coarse listened.  The doctors name is Dr. Perry and I have to say that he exceeded our expectations.  When Dr. Perry walked in we could tell that he had taken the time to study my file.  He had notes all over the file and told us that he had a long conversation with Dr. Chang.  He was very personable and I felt comfortable right away.  He seemed to care about everything that was going on with my body and not just the heart.     He checked my pacemaker and battery and we decided together that we would do the pacemaker surgery in December.  It needs to be done within the next six months and will be nice to get one thing scratched off our many medical future procedures.  I will have this done on December 3 in San Diego.  I will hopefully be able to come home the same day.  Since I'm fully dependent on my pacemaker it is a bit more tricky as they have to hook up a temporary pacemaker while they do the switch out.

Dr. Perry also discussed with us that in the future I will need to have a more invasive risky procedure done.  They will have to do a two lead extraction.  There are not too many doctors that do this.  He is not one of them but he will recommend someone who is very skilled in this procedure.  It is important to do it because right now I have four lead wires in me. Two that are non functioning and they need to bring in another functioning lead.  I know it's all very confusing. Basically I have too many wires Ha! :)

 I'm thankful for all of this technology and for great doctors who take the time to really care for their patients well.  Please continue to lift us all up in your prayers as we navigate through all these medical issues.  We are so thankful for all of you.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Memorable Weekend

Our Favorite doctor and friend invited us to a big medical conference he was putting on.  The conference was called Pediatric 2040.  It included world renowned doctors from all over the world.  They spoke on future medical innovations.  Our doctor invited us to come and speak at a portion on Saturday morning so we were privileged to be able to stay at the hotel on Friday night.  Our kids were beyond excited.  Another friend blessed us with five tickets to Disney Land.  The blessings continued through out the weekend in ways that brought us to tears.  We truly saw God's finger prints everywhere.  When we arrived Friday we checked in to the conference and were treated like royalty.  We were introduced to several doctors from all over the world including a Neurologist.  I asked him if he saw adults.  He listened to our story, taking notes on his ipad and looking up several different things to share with us.  It was a great opportunity to pick his brain as well as several others.  Not very often that you get to be in a room and pick the brain of several doctors.  Might not sound exciting to most but with a family full of medical issues this was like gold to us.  That Neurologist later told us that he will be discussing some ideas with Dr. Chang about my case :).  The kids got to meet the creators of the IROBOT.  It is a medical robot that will allow the doctors to treat end stage patients who are unable to get to the hospital.  The boys got to work the robot and when the nice lady told me it was a 200,000 dollar machine I about fainted. Ha!! I said ok I think we need to give it back to the nice man now.   The night went on with us having a private dinner with a select few.

 The next morning we went on stage
to address the crowed.  Everyone was so kind and it was an incredible opportunity to be apart of it all.  The conference ended that morning and our family was gifted with a hotel suite for another night at the Grand California.

 Our family went on to enjoy Disneyland.  You will not believe the next blessing we encountered.  While waiting in line for a ride, a man behind us handed Jason a $100 bill and said "sir i think you dropped this".  After Jason saying it wasn't his a few times, the wife said "no he wants to give this to you".  We were so taken back by this gift.  This couple had no idea about our family's story.  I gave the man a bracelette and told him our story and that we would put it in Noah's fund.  The couple was so sweet and said they were impressed by the joy on our faces and said that we had blessed them more.

It was such a wonderful weekend away. The last few weeks leading up to this weekend have been hard.  It has been hard to accept my new leg braces and see my strength decreasing, it has been hard to wait for Noah's heart, and it has been hard seeing our close friends battle cancer.  It would have been so easy for us to wallow in the hardness of it all. It's really easy to stay there.  We could have and we would have missed out on how God was at work.  The Lord is always so faithful to pour his blessings out.  I'm so thankful that he allows my eyes to be wide open to the ways he is working through all of this.  It would be so easy to get caught up in the gifts and not give him the credit for it.  Only God could have made this weekend happen for us.

Thank you to all who made this weekend so special for us all.  Our cups are full and we our counting our blessings once more.