Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Heart Cath Procedure on Monday

Some days are just so incredible that you never want the day to end.  Then there are some days that are so incredibly hard you think to yourself how did I make it through the day.  Well Friday was one of those difficult days.  Two doctors appointments, several errands, and our youngest blessings recital.  Two extra kids added to the mix that were suppose to spend the night but ended up going back home late that night because our youngest boy started throwing up out of the blue.  We think his body did not like the goodies and jumping on the trampoline.  It was a non stop, just take a breath, and press on kind of a day.  I'm thankful that I can look back and laugh at how crazy it was.  I'm thankful that God does not allow me to be defeated by these hard days or moments.  Instead he reminds me that he is carrying me through and has a plan in all this.

Friday we met with Hannah's cardiologist Dr. Chang.  We were there to discuss her upcoming heart surgery. It is now time to schedule it and there are so many emotions and concerns that are flooding our minds.  Tomorrow she will undergo a heart cath to take a closer look at her heart and check the pressures.  They will put her under anesthesia and either go though an artery in her neck or groin.  It's never easy when your child needs to be put out,  and it's even harder when your child has a heart condition.  Based on what they see with Hannah's heart will determine how soon they will schedule surgery.  We are thinking July.

Please pray for Hannah tomorrow.  Pray that God would protect her, and that the doctors would not see anything alarming or that surprises them.  Pray for Jason and I that we would not be consumed with fear but that we would have faith resting assured that God is working all things for good.

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