Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Angel Game #3

Thank you so much for those that came out to support us at the Noah's Heart Angel game.  We had a great time.  It was a fun night but I  was not prepared for the flood of emotions that came over me.  It started when Uncle Josh told Noah he was going to get to put the game ball on the pitchers mound.  Noah was excited and super thankful.  He hugged his uncle and said thank you three or four times.  I held back the tears as I watched him. It was difficult being faced with my physical disabilities and realizing the progression from the last two games.  Next was seeing Noah have his moment on the field and realizing that on the same field last year our close friend Geoff shared in a special moment with us between his cancer treatments.  Geoff was the healthiest he had looked in months and so happy having a special date with his bride.  He died months later and I miss him dearly.  The next moment came when we surprised Noah with a special guest.  His co-op teacher of three years Mrs. Barneson came.  When he saw her his eyes lit up.  He hugged her tight for what seemed like 20 minutes and began to cry.  She holds such a special place in his heart and he was overcome to see her.  Also realizing we have done the Angel game for three summers now and we still haven't gotten the call was hard.  As much as we try to be patient it is hard to wait for something we know has to happen in order for our son to live.  It was so great seeing Noah have a blast with his buddies, the Angels won, and the fireworks were awesome.  A great night to remember for sure.  Thank you so much Josh and Jamie for giving Noah an incredible three games that he will remember for a lifetime.

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