Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Thursday, September 11, 2014

It is well with my soul

Wow!! Time has gotten away from me and I can't believe it has been so long since my last update. We started school and it has taken some time to adjust to our new routine.  We are enjoying some much needed structure and it has gotten our minds off of all the medical jumbo looming over our heads.

  It's been so good for  me to look back at these posts and realize the ups and downs of emotions we have experienced as we have walked this long journey. My last post I was in a weary place and now I'm sitting here feeling relief that God doesn't keep me in that place for long.  Jason and I are coming off of a wonderful week.  We just enjoyed two nights away together just the two of us.  It was a great time of reflection and relaxation.  We were surrounded by beauty and I was able to just sit and recount God's goodness through our journey over the last few years.  It was good for our souls.  Another wonderful thing happened.  The day after we returned our sweet Jonah made the decision to follow and trust Christ.  The Lord has been working in his heart a lot over the last year. He has been asking lots of good questions and has had some break downs as the holy spirit tugs at his heart. Yesterday while I was driving his little sister to class, Jonah began to cry and told me he was ready to ask Jesus into his heart.  I was caught off guard and texted Jason.  Jason told me to move forward as he was convinced the holy spirit was moving in him.  We talked through his understanding of this decision and I got to witness yet another answer to prayer. My boy made the biggest decision of his life. The rest of the day's tasks seemed so insignificant and I found it hard to want to do anything else but sit with my kids and relish in God's goodness.  We are all rejoicing.  I love my boy but will never love him more than his savior and today he got that.  He understands that he is a sinner in need of a savior.  His heart is tender and the weeping comes from understanding the ultimate sacrifice his savior made for him. Glorious Day!!

Yes there are things that still loom over our heads.  There is much pain and uncertainty that is waiting for us with transplant, heart disease, and muscular dystrophy.  However I find great relief knowing that my boys( and one day God willing my daughter) understand that we have a hope that is far greater than anything.  They understand that this is not their permanent home.  One day Jesus will wipe away every tear and right every wrong and we will get the immense joy of spending eternity with our father in heaven.

Sweet friends we are thankful for all of you and ask that you would continue to journey with us in prayer.

Noah- Noah has been doing well but is growing inpatient as the days go on.  He is eager to get his new heart and feel better.  He looks forward to playing soccer and going to Hume again someday.  He has his annual heart biopsy Cath procedure this Monday at UCLA. Please pray for good results and no surprises. No sickness.

Jonah- We are thankful for Jonah's clear results from his heart monitor.  Jonah is doing great and we are proud of his recent decision to follow Christ.  Pray that the Lord would continue to work and use Jonah through our circumstances. Pray that God would continue to keep him healthy and strong.

Hannah- Hannah continues to do great since her surgery.  We pray that she would continue to feel great and for no surprises with her heart.

Jason- Pray that God would continue to help him grow in trust and patience.  As he cares so deeply for his family I pray that God would meet him and shower him with his love and grace.

Melody- Pray that I would not be defeated by my circumstances.  Pray for strength and energy.  Pray that I would be able to avoid respiratory illnesses this season.

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