Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What were up to

There have been some big changes and big decisions made in our family over the last couple of months.  After almost a year of searching and praying for God to provide the right house for our family, he answered our prayers.  It was not in the way we had ever anticipated but we are so beyond grateful.  Our good friends Todd and Sheryl McGeorge had been praying for our family as well.  When Todd accepted a position in Idaho they hoped their house would be a good fit for us and IT WAS!!  It was bittersweet news though.  The same house I had spent countless times in being fed, prayed over, and ministered to was going to be our new home and the sweet friends I shared it all with were moving far away.  It was hard to say goodbye.  We miss them dearly and are trusting that God will use them to bless the people of Idaho. A few weeks after signing papers for the house, God began to do a work on our hearts about our kids schooling.  We decided to put both boys in private school and give another year of homeschooling to Hannah.  I feel at peace about this decision and in a lot of ways I’am excited about all of their future opportunities.  I also am grieving the end of our homeschool journey.  I have so enjoyed having them at home and getting the opportunity to teach them.  I will always treasure that time and hold onto those sweet memories.  So thankful for God’s leading.  I look forward to the ways he will use them on their campuses and the way he will use my time as well.

I continue to watch different parts of my body slowly become weaker.  Each new increase of loss is hard but not nearly as hard or as emotional as watching my oldest.  Noah has had a rough year.  He has gone 10 weeks in a cast, has had multiple doctor appointments, tests, and procedures and its wearing on him.  We have really good talks and  I’m thankful that he is able to verbally express his emotions well.  Going through medical challenges is much different at 13 then it was at nine.  He is much more aware of what lies ahead for him.  He has seen his mom get weaker and introduce more and more equipment to our family.  He realizes his struggle to accept and trust God when its hard.  He knows he can’t walk this journey alone.  I HATE that I have to watch him endure it but I KNOW and so does he that GOD is using this an incredible ways.  We talk about this a lot.  You all help him see that by your love and support.  He sees God working in the ways you all care for our family.  Every card, meal, help, etc.  It is all showing him God at work.  Noah had it on his heart last fall to invite his cousin Mason to church camp this summer.  He lives in San Diego and we don’t get to see him as often as we would like so he was excited to hang out for a whole week.  Not only did his cousin get to come to camp but he accepted Jesus into his life, a prayer Noah had been praying for some time.  I’am continually amazed and grateful that the Lord allows us to see how he is working in our lives.  I pray that my gaze would ever be fixed on him.  That I would never miss an opportunity to see him at work.  It’s so easy to get caught up in our circumstances, to buy into satan’s lies of deceit.  I fight against it all the time.  The following words by John Piper conveys my heart, “I don’t want to be a comfort-seeking, entertainment-addicted, security-craving, approval-desiring Christian.”  I’am so thankful that even though we live in a world with constant change including our emotions and how we accept each challenge, one thing always remains constant GOD.

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