Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Friday, July 15, 2011

Birthday Fun!

Last Saturday was my birthday and I spent the day relaxing with a few girlfriends at Glen Ivy a local spa. It was such a treat. They have these natural mud baths that are suppose to be great for the skin(picture above )mineral baths and lots of lounge pools. It was so nice but went by way too fast. Jason took me out that night and created a fun and creative evening where I had to answer lots of different questions that led to how and where the evening would go. It was super sweet and we had a great time. My kids had decorated the house with Happy Birthday banners and helped daddy make me a special breakfast. It was a super great day. I feel so blessed by all that the Lord has given to me and look forward to many more years. I have been so horrible at taking pictures lately. We are leaving tomorrow for Hume Lake so I will try and capture some great shots.

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  1. that looks & sounds like the BEST fun!!!! Seriously, a mud bath? I am so in!!!! Happy Birthday!!