Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shower, Anniversary Party And Birthday

Yes all these things happened in one day. I hate to miss a good party. So in grand Lietzau fashion we tackled all three and wore ourselves out. The day started out beautifully. I went to a beautiful shower for my friend Sarah on one of the only existing farms in LA lol. It was great to be amongst wonderful woman celebrating another miracle. I came home and we rested before the next two parties that were back to back. The first one. A special birthday party for Hannah's friend Jadie Mei who was adopted six months ago from China. We did not want to miss her special day. It was 98 degrees out and our little monkey spent a lot of time in the bounce house. We think she may have over did it because by the time we went to the other party she was very fatigued and threw up all over Grandma. We were thankful that this Anniversary party was across the street. We got everyone cleaned up and after some Gatorade Hannah perked up. It was scary to see her fatigued it brought back memories of the day we got our baby girl and how sick she was. No more bounce house in the heat for this girl. Sometimes we forget that our baby girl has a heart defect and can not always handle as much as the other kiddos.

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  1. Bless her little heart! Sorry she was sick but the heat can make me feel yucky too. Other than that, sounds like you all had a great day~ celebrating!!! :)