Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Beautiful Evening

Last night was the big dinner/silent auction event that our dear friends worked so hard on.  As we entered the room people were busy setting up and getting things ready.  They all had smiles on there faces and were so happy.  The place looked spectacular and Jason and I stood in awe.  The event started and we went around welcoming and greeting the many people that entered the room.  I felt humbled that so many that I was meeting for the first time came to support our family.  As the speakers spoke and the presentations went on I was so overcome by God's goodness and wondered if this was what Heaven would be like.  Such Happiness, no worries, no pain, just joy at seeing God's beauty displayed among his people.  It was just so touching.  He continues to show himself over and over again.  The night was about so much more than raising dollars.  It was an honor to have a small part in what God is doing among this difficulty.  Thanks for all your prayers leading up to this event. I was thankful for your specific prayers for Jonah and him not feeling left out.  He had a great time. He even got to go up on Stage and help out which made him feel so special(thanks Jeff).  God is growing his compassion and understanding.  Noah was taken back as well at the amount of people that were there to support our family.  He is learning everyday from all of you how to love and support others and we thank you for  being such beautiful examples to him.  You all are playing a big role in what God is doing through this sweet child of his.  Our prayer is that Noah will see God using him to bring about his glory.  Right now it is fairly smooth and we know the hard days are to come.  But God is preparing him daily and equipping him with the strength he will need to persevere.  We will take it as it comes knowing and trusting that God is sovereign over all.

There are hundreds of people to thank that made last night possible.  From the amazing team, the donors, ECCU, the speakers, musicians, the servers, the Chef,the audio, the photographers and videographers,ECCU member services, family, friends, and new friends we met for the first time.  Words just can't express how much we appreciate your love and support.  We feel truly blessed.

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  1. Bless your sweet boy and family! SO thankful God blessed you through so many people!!! Love and blessings! XOXO