Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Fun

I have had a few of you ask what is on our Summer Fun List this year. To be honest It has been hard for me to compile a list this year.  I do not want to disappoint the kids if we get the call. One of our fears is that we get the call in the middle of Noah having a blast somewhere and he just cries the whole way to the hospital.  It would break my heart.  I don't on the other hand want months to go by either without living life.  We decided we need to move forward and just make adjustments as needed.  So here is our official Summer 2013 list.

Summer Fun List 2013

Farmers Market
Summer Reading Club
Angel’s Game
Food Trucks
Camp Lietzau
Backyard Movie Night
Costume/ Talent show Night
Brown bags for the homeless
Adventure week
Pool Party
Make Homemade Playdough
The Beach
Train ride to Zoomars Zoo
Learn a new skill
Picture/video scavenger hunt
Make a model of a California Mission
Picnic In The Park
Baseball Camp For Jonah
Swim Lessons For Hannah
Random Acts Of Kindness
Homemade Pizza Night
Indoor Fort Contest
Board Game Night
Complete Jigsaw Puzzle
Shaved Ice
Pen Pals
The Luxury Movie Theatre
Smoothie Contest

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