Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Recap of doctors appointments.

I wanted to update you all on the recent doctors visits for both Jason and Noah.  Jason was suppose to have a biopsy done last week but unfortunately they messed up his appointment and it is now rescheduled for February 13.  The biopsy is for a small lump that was found on his chest.  The doctors do not seem overly concerned at this point.  Given all his strange symptoms over the last few months they still would like it checked out.  Jason's appointment with the Rheumatologist went as good as it could have yesterday.  Jason had a positive ANA test and has a few markers for Lupus.  He does not have enough markers to officially diagnose him though and the ANA retest could come out negative.  They are going to retest and check his kidneys out.  If he has any other symptoms he is to go back to the doctor.  We are thankful that so far it doesn't seem to be anything serious.

Noah saw Dr. Chang and Dr. Alejos today.  There were no big changes from the last two months.  He is going to put him on a baby aspirin a day.  The doctors discussed the possibility of him having a stroke as time goes on and the need to prepare.  It's hard to believe that two years ago this week is when we started this journey for Noah.  I never would have imagined we would still be waiting but here we are.  Jason and I were talking about how nervous we were a year ago.  Jason wanted so badly to have his heart cath done before we got the call for a heart.  He just needed extra assurance and knowledge that his heart really was failing.  I think God knew we needed that extra time to wrap our minds around everything and to get to a place where we were more accepting that this was gonna be our new reality.  God has done so much work in our hearts to help us prepare.  We feel more ready now.  Ready as one can be anyway.  I don't think a parent can ever fully be ready for something like this but we are in a better place and trusting the Lord even more for his works to be displayed through this.

Thanks once again for following us along this journey.  Thanks for your constant prayers.  We are so grateful.

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