Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Thursday, July 23, 2015


I apologize for being so late on this update. It has been a CRAZY week. Not only did we have Noah's big Cath procedure, we had to go back to UCLA on Wednesday for a stress test, we put our house up for sale, and made an offer on a house all in the same week and it's only Thursday. This momma is T.I.R.E.D tired.

Noah's heart Cath went great. Their were no issues and Noah did great. His numbers have increased but are still in the lower normal range. The doctors feel like he can remain inactive for now. They will continue to see him frequently and monitor his symptoms. Because of the increase they would like to do another heart Cath in six months instead of 10-12 like normal. Over all we are so pleased with the outcome.  We wish his numbers would have improved but are thankful he is allowed more time.  Please continue to pray for Noah that he would remain strong and that his numbers would improve.

Why are we putting our house up for sale?  We have thought about moving for the last couple of years but the timing has not been right. Because of the type of progressing disease that I have we know that we will need a house that fits those needs as well as long term care.  We have loved our home and have put a lot of work into it however it saddens me not to be able to sit in my patio because of the number of stairs. We desire to live close to our church community and friends who can help shoulder the Load as things progress and become more difficult. We are praying that God would provide the perfect home for our families needs.

Thank you for continuing to walk along side of us and continually lifting us up in prayer. This morning I was so encouraged by the following passage and it was just another reminder to me that God is in the hardness of our stories and he is doing his glorious work. I hope it encourages you as well.

There are many black dots and black spots in our lives, and we cannot understand why they are there or why God permitted them to come. But if we let God come into our lives, and adjust the dots in the proper way, and draw the lines He wants, and separate this from that, and put in the rests at the proper places; out of the black dots and spots in our lives He will make a glorious harmony. Let us not hinder Him in this glorious work! —C. H. P.

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  1. Praying that God would bless you all with the perfect home to meet your needs. Love to you friend!