Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Celebrating Forever Family Day!

We had a beautiful celebration today. We started off the day with a visit to Jason’s work. I did not realize that it had been almost a year since they have seen Hannah. My husband works with a bunch of great people and it is so much fun to visit him. Then we were off to swim class, home for naps, and an authentic Chinese meal at Hong Kong Palace in Rowland Heights. The kids all got gifts from china. The boys got Chop blocks and Hannah got a lady bug purse. We want it to be a tradition that they get a gift every year celebrating the day we became a forever family.

I can’t believe we have had this beautiful blessing for a whole year now. It has gone by so fast. We are truly blessed and can not even imagine our lives with out her. In the year that we have had her she has...........

gone from being able to sit on her own, to crawling, to walking, to running.

She talks up a storm

She joins us in prayer, sings, laughs and dances

She has taken Gymboree classes and is now taking swim class and a music class

Loves Blues Clues, princesses, and shoes :)

takes her medicine like a pro

loves to tackle her daddy and brothers

loves to eat everything.

loves to play outside and loves taking a bath

She is very busy and keeps me on my toes.

Because of this sweet girl we are so much more aware of how precious life is. We are so thankful for the Lord speaking to our hearts. So thankful for listening to the holy spirit and not giving in to fear. So thankful that we did not miss out on the opportunity to become her Forever Family. Thank you Jesus for this precious gift.



  1. I look forward to celebrating Family Day every year. It is such a sweet reminder of how the Lord brought our family together. Can't wait to add another celebration date when we receive this referral.

  2. Bless you all on this wonderful day!!! Hannah is such a precious little one!!! Bless you all!!!
    love and joy!!!

  3. Congratulations! Celebrating forever family day is wonderful! She's just beautiful!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy