Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Monday, April 30, 2012

Please Pray

We would appreciate your prayers.  Saturday we took Hannah to the doctor for a rash she had.  They checked her oxygen rate and it was in the low 80's.  This was concerning because she has been running in the low 90's for the last two years.  I contacted her cardio doc and he asked how she looked and how she was acting. She looks great and does get more winded easily.  He said he wanted to see her on Thursday.  Tonight she was getting winded fast walking from one room to the next so I decided to check her oxygen level.  It was now in the 70's. I'm getting more concerned.  Please pray for our sweet girl.  She has come so far in the last two years.  We are so grateful for the amazing progress she has made and have always known there could be set backs and that she still has another surgery ahead of her.  You just can never prepare yourself for moments like these.  But just as we have been trusting that the Lord has Noah in the palm of his hand, we know this is true for Hannah as well. She belongs to him and he will guide her path.  Pleas pray that in our moments of fear we will hold fast to his truths.  She goes to the doc on Thursday morning and we will know more then.  For now we will wait and trust.

Please also pray for dear friends of ours who are battling physical ailments in the midst of bringing home two children from Ethiopia recently.  They are still trying to adjust to being a family of six, while bonding, dealing with language barriers, schooling, teaching, and more.

On a happier note Ivy is home from the hospital and doing so well.  Check out the amazing work God did in this sweet girl.

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