Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Saturday, April 7, 2012

REALLY? Are you serious

Sorry I have not updated all week. It had been a busy week full of doctor appointments and running around and honestly I did not have the energy to sit and write. On Friday Noah's teacher called me to come pick him up. He was tired and complaining of a headache and chest pains. When I brought him home his headache was so bad he was sensitive to light. When I tried to move him he threw up. We were concerned given everything that has been going on with him. I called his doctor and he said to take him to ER. We are blessed to know a great head doctor of the ER at ST.Jude. I called his wife to see if he was working and she said yes bring him in. We got in right away. His heart showed the same abnormalities but after some tests they determined he had strep again and a virus. This would make 5 episodes of strep in three months. We went home and started him on more antibiotics. Monday we took Jonah in to see the ENT doc for his followup apointment. Jonah checked out great. I had the doctor look over Noah and told him about all the strep he has been having. He took a look at his tonsils and said they need to come out. REALLY? Are you serious? Tuesday I took Hannah to the dermatologist. She has a dark birthmark mole nevis on her chest. She has to get it looked at every year to make sure it doesn't grow or get any darker. Guess what? It grew and they are referring us to a pediatric plastic surgeon. REALLY? Are you serious? Wednesday was Noah's appointment with his cardiologist. After hearing about Noah's strep results, the doctor took ten vials of blood to check for viruses that could cause infection of the heart. He is hoping the two are linked. Really he doesn't have any answers for us and is waiting for my results. It is very frustrating to hear we recognize something is going on with your son and we are concerned with what we see but have no idea where to go but to wait and see. REALLY? Are you serious? We will see him again next month. You can pray that something comes back with the blood work that will give them an answer. It has been tough but as I ended this week I was faced with a reminder that Christ himself endured the ultimate pain on our behalf. On OUR behalf! Wretched sinners like us so undeserving of his love. Yet he paid the ultimate price on our behalf. REALLY? Are you serious? I will give thanks and remind myself that for this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison. 2Cor 4:17

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