Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A little good news goes a long way

I love when I can share the good things that happen on our journey.  We could use some too it has been a weighty season.  Well Hannah had her appointment with the plastic surgeon yesterday.  We were sent to him because her nevus birthmark on her chest had grown in a year and they were concerned.  The doctor said that he wouldn't even consider removing it for at least five years.  He would want her to be completely healed from her next surgery before approaching it.  He explained that there isn't any real danger for her and that they will keep watching it.  Yeah.  GOOD NEWS!!!  Then today we had our appointment with Noah's cardiologist at CHLA.  After much pushing we finally got him to agree with us that Noah needs to see an electrophysiologist.  This is a doctor that specializes in the electrical conductivity of the heart.  GOOD NEWS AGAIN!!!!  This is good news because in our hearts we have believed all along that Noah has an electrical blockage like his momma.  I inherited mine from my birth father and if it follows suit it just makes sense.  We are just so happy to have some direction for him.   Please continue to pray for him.  Pray that God would protect him while we wait for answers.  Most importantly pray for complete healing.

We are eagerly awaiting summer and have begun making our summer fun check off list.  Fun things include: Camping in the back yard, backyard movie night, baseball game, Hume Lake, smoothie making contest, fancy movie night, Splash, and about a couple dozen more.  I'm looking forward to a less compact schedule and just enjoying some family time.

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