Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

His Power Will Prevail

I know in this journey we will have good days and bad days.  I'm so thankful that even in the hardest of days God is so faithful to bring me strength and comfort.  I can't imagine my life without him and I long for the day that I'm in his loving arms. This week has started off more promising than the last.  We were able to get Noah's much needed medication filled and he will start that on Friday.  It is the same one that his baby sister is on so he is already somewhat familiar.  Jason is in contact with his works insurance broker and she is working hard to get us switched to a PPO.  We will find out at the end of the week if this is approved.  Please pray that it gets in the right hands.  This will allow us to get to UCLA and have Noah evaluated at there Transplant center.  We also have talked with a transplant doctor at CHLA who is trying to get us an appointment there as well but realizes are ultimate goal of wanting to get to UCLA.  These are all good things that seemed hopeless last week so we are praising God.  The days can be difficult when we think about all that lies ahead but the things that have made this so much easier is the level of support from all of you, my time in the word, and listening to beautiful music that ministers to my heart.  Our church is blessed with a music director and elder that has a gift for putting scripture to beautiful music. One particular song that I have been listening to is this one. His Power Will Prevail

Lyrics | Description

Rest assured today that the Lord your God
    is the One who goes ahead of you
He will put the enemy to flight;
    what He’s promised He will do
Like a raging fire, He consumes the foe;
    making Satan and his forces go
We don’t have to fear, God is on the throne,
    His power will prevail

God’s deliverance is as good as done;
    who could ever count the victories won?
With a watchful eye He protects His own;
    He’s the Shepherd, we’re His sheep
When we go to Him with an urgent need
    He is always there to intercede
We don’t have to fear, God is on the throne,
    His power will prevail

Each temptation here, every trial we face
is surrounded by His awesome grace
Supernaturally strength is given us
    so that we might persevere
God is never late, help is on the way;
    He is faithful in the day-to-day
We don’t have to fear, God is on the throne,
    His power will prevail

You can go to his website to download his music.  I hope it ministers to your heart as it has mine.

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