Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Abundant Outpouring Of Love

To say we have felt loved and supported during this difficult time is an understatement.  We simply cannot express enough how grateful we are for the abundant outpouring of love we have received.  you all are coming up with the most creative ways to raise funds.  It brings me joy to hear the stories of neighbors and strangers being touched and moved by Noah's story.  Tonight one of his buddies came over with a package of funds.  He had made up a flyer saying he would rake leaves and do small jobs to raise money for his buddy Noah's heart.  His dad was so moved he donated his earnings from a days work doing side jobs, his mom and brother baked cookies to sell, and his aunt decided she would donate her earnings from a weeks worth of cutting hair at her salon. A family member donated enough funds for us to buy an AED.  There has been impromptu lemonade stands, garage sales,anonymous donors, wonderful meals, and sweet gifts.  There has also been people who have or are organizing events, making calls, sending encouraging texts, watching kids, running the website, and so much more.

Tonight I got to sit down with Noah and talk to him about the beautiful ways people are supporting him. He couldn't believe his sweet friend worked so hard and was amazed that even strangers are giving.  I told him that God was using him to make an impact in peoples lives and it brought a smile to his face.  In the midst of hard stuff God is doing beautiful things.  I pray that we would continue to see the ways that God is working and not be blinded by our current circumstances.  I pray that you would all know how much we love you and appreciate the thoughtful ways in which you are being Christ's hands and feet.

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