Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quick Update

I'm having a difficult time tonight expressing in words how I'm feeling.  We are certain Noah will be listed in the next day or so.  We also know from looking on the UNOS site that it could pontentialy be very quick like hours from him being listed to days to months.  You would think I would be happy about this news. I really don't know what to feel.  The reality of it is we still have another child who also needs heart surgery that we have to work around as well.  The stress of trying to work out the timing of it all can be daunting.  I have realized in these times how much I like to be in control and am certain God is teaching me some valuable lessons here.  At the doctors today they put Noah on another medication.  This one will help his lungs and will also help after transplant cut down on the amount of time he will spend on the ventilator.  They also did some xrays and drew more blood.  Everyone has been so great and helpful and we feel like we are getting the best care.  It is a good feeling.  I know God already has this all figured out and we are daily putting our trust in him and putting one foot in front of the next.  He has been so good to give us strength when we need it and amazing grace in those moments when we don't deserve it.  Please continue to pray with us as we look ahead and put our trust in the timing of these events. Please be sure to check the website for weekly prayer requests and other information.

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  1. I completely know what you are feeling! I felt the same way when it came time for SJ's heart surgery~ bittersweet... you want them to be well but it such a serious emotion... in complete trust in God and dr! Blessings and love to you all!!!XO