Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So Much Going On

I'm sorry it has been awhile since our last post.  For more up to date info on Noah you can always check the website at .  I have been trying to get into a new routine with the kids back to school, and all of us juggling doctor appointments.  It has been tricky but we are all making it work.  Jonah is doing soccer as well.  We might be nuts by doing that but we wanted this sweet boy to have some well deserved attention and something of his own right now.  We are so worried that he will get lost in all that is going on with the other two blessings and we don't ever want him to feel less than.  A lot has been going on.  This past weekend a wonderful soft ball team SO Cal Wicked held a tournament in La Habra.  They wanted to help our family out in some way and boy did they deliver.  The wonderful girls went around collecting pledges for every hit they made, they had bags all over the field for recycling and a table set up for donations and raffle.  Noah felt like a celebrity the whole weekend as he hung out with the girls and spotted his picture on a couple dozen posters plastered all over the campus.  The girls had special shirts made up with his picture on them and he even got to do the coin toss for one of the big games.  We cant thank you enough Dave and all you girls and a special thank you to Auntie Jamie and Uncle Josh who worked a booth both days in the blazing heat.  what an incredible event.

Last Saturday we met with Dr. Chang to discuss Hannah's upcoming surgery.  He wants to do a heart Cath to see what's going on and how her pressures are doing.  This is not a fun test.  She has to be put out and stay overnight for observation.  Her heart is still very fragile so anytime they have to do anything it poses a big risk.  The last time they did a heart cath she went into heart failure hours later and we almost lost her.  Not sure it was related but none the less its scary and this momma will not be leaving her side.  It is Scheduled for September 27th at 8:00a.m.  We would appreciate your prayers.  if all looks good they will try and hold off on her surgery for six months to a year.  We are trusting the Lord for the perfect timing for both her case and Noah's.

Noah is doing good.  At his last appointment they ordered a new medication that will help strengthen his lungs and we are waiting to get it in the mail to start it.  We are thankful for this medication because someone with Noah's condition poses a threat to damaging his lungs causing him to need a dual heart/lung transplant.  We do see him getting more tired.  This is to be expected and it makes him long even more for his new heart so he can feel great.  He really has handled everything well and is such a brave little guy.  We are very proud of him.

It has been incredible to see the community and complete strangers give of there time, money and resources.  We feel beyond supported and loved by all of you.

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