Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Keeping it real folks

I have tried for a few days now to write a post and have found it very difficult.  It is hard to describe the range of emotions I have been feeling since Noah got listed.  It was something we had been striving to get to.  I mean after all it is what is needed and necessary to save our sons life. It is hard hearing my son say his heart hurts time and time again and to see him get weaker.  It is one step closer to him feeling better.  It also brings about a lot of worry that at any moment we have to be prepared to get a call that will ultimately tell us it is time for the biggest , riskiest, life altering surgery anyone would ever have to face.  It also means someone will be mourning a loss so that our son can gain life.  I think about the long car ride to the hospital and the final moments before they take him into surgery.  I think about the 15 different medications he will be on afterwards.  I think about the countless trips to the hospital that will follow his big surgery and the fact that he will most likely have to go through this a second or third time in his life. I think about all these things.

Then I think about how lucky I'am that God has allowed me to be his mom.  I think about the fact that Noah ultimately belongs to the Lord.  I remember God's goodness and how faithful he is to show himself in beautiful ways.  I remember God's word in 2 Corinthians that says for this light and momentary affliction is preparing us for an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.  I remind myself of the ways God is deepening his relationship with Noah during this time and all the ways God is working in people all around us.  I'm thankful for the ways he is deepening my faith and refining me for his Glory.

He is so faithful to give me encouragement when I really need it.  Moments ago I got this email and it brought me to tears.  I love being able to share these things with Noah so he can see what the body of Christ looks like.

 It has been weighing heavily on my heart to contact
your family. I am from Monterey California. A little more up north from
where you are. I work as a server in a restaurant in Carmel Valley.
Anyways, I was serving and doing my daily duties as always....
When I couldn\'t help but notice a ladies bracelet that I was serving. I
saw that it said \'Jeremiah 29:11\' I then complimented her on her
bracelet....and told her that was my favorite verse in the bible. I asked
her where she got her bracelet and that is when she flipped it over and
showed me the website, also explained Noah\'s story to me....I was so
touched. I promised to pray, and also asked her for the website
information....I asked if I\'d be able to get a bracelet on the
website....she then took her bracelet off and gave it to me. It made me
cry...I was so thankful. I will pray every single day for Noah. He has
touched my heart. Gods grace is sufficient. I feel blessed to share
Noah\'s story, and spread the word. I truely  believe in the power of
prayer....and from my little town to yours....your family will continue to
be in my prayers!!

Thank you Meghan for being apart of Noah's Journey and for linking arms with us in prayer.  Thank you to the rest of you for allowing me to where my heart on my sleeve.


  1. Thank you for sharing all of this, Mel. I am glad to know how to pray for you better. I love you and your family so much.