Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Transplant Clinic

Well today we made the long trek out to UCLA for transplant clinic.  We enjoy going and spending time with the team.  It is a good time to ask all of our questions.  Noah had a list of his own this time.  He was so funny.  He asked "How many medications will I be on?" to which the doctor responded probably 10-15.  "Wow that's a lot and what are the side effects?" this kid cracks me up.  He wanted to know how long he will be on medications and when he gets his new heart.  Overall the visit was uneventful.  They will do an Echo with Dr. Chang next week.  He has been on the List for almost three months now and it really is just in God's hands as to when he will get that amazing gift of a new heart.

I really feel like God is preparing my heart more and more for what lies ahead.  I got to get away this last Friday to an all day silent retreat.  Wow was that good for this mommas soul.  A whole day to be still before the Lord.  I  spent time looking back at my life and how God has always been faithful to meet me in the darkest moments, I was able to recognize the sweetest ways he has used people, and events to show himself and unfold his beautiful plan in my life.  I'm so thankful I don't have to walk this journey with out him.  So thankful that he gives me the strength I need to endure each hard phase and the desire to persevere.  Thankful that he allows me to see that the hard stuff is for my good and necessary and that its not about me but what he is doing through me and through are difficult circumstances.  Oh how he is good.  We truly deserve nothing but hell and he is such a gracious father who lavishes his love  and grace on us.  So I choose Joy, I choose to wait on him as he reveals the next steps for Noah and the rest of our family.

Continue to pray as the Lord directs our steps and we wait for the "call".

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  1. Thankful you had that time. Blesses as you wait to see what God has planned. Blessings and love! XO