Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 7 and 8

Day 7
We are so thankful to work for an incredible agency. We get the chance to hold seminars at different churches throughout the year. We share about God's design for adoption, our journey and our agency. It is an honor and joy and we are so thankful for the opportunity. We get a small stipen and are then able to use that to help other people who are in the process and are trying to raise funds for there adoption. Thank you Lord for this opportunity.


Today is our baby girls Third Birthday. We are thankful for her and the miracle she is. Thankful that God saved her life and has used her story for his glory. Thankful that we get to love this child everyday. Thankful that her birth mom cared for her for two months and was brave enough to pin her birthdate to her sweater so that we would have that important piece of information. What a gift. We are thankful that she cared enough to leave her in an elevator of a hospital and not in the street or some cold dark place. I long for her to feel comforted on this day knowing her baby girl is doing amazing. Hannah really is doing amazing. Many of you have asked what is next for her medically. She still needs another surgery called the Fontan. The doctor originally thought he would do this at age 3 or 4. Because she has responded so well to medication and is doing so well the doctors would like to wait until she is 6 or 8. This all of coarse depends on her doing well. The longer they can wait the better for her. Hannah has grown so much in the last year. She started a little preschool co-op in September. she loves to sing her abcs,count to 12, dance and play wrestle with her brothers. She is very feisty and has found her voice in this family. I thought Jonah was my loud one and Hannah blows him out of the water :) she talks A LOT and has more energy than all three put together. Ha! She is so smart and melts our hearts every day. We pray she grows to know her heavenly father and falls in love with him. We pray she will have a desire to follow him all of her days.

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