Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Thursday, March 22, 2012

One Down Two To Go

Jonah had his surgery early this morning. It went just as Jason and I had predicted. When we arrived he freaked out and started crying. We were able to calm him down while we waited in the lobby. when they called us back and he saw the hospital bed he started kicking and screaming. The nurses(three) came in and they held him down with Jasons help to give him some medicine to calm him. After he spit it out on them they decided to get more and put it up his nose. In a matter of minutes he was a much calmer boy. In fact the anesthesiologist was asking me if he was allergic to any medication and Jonah piped in "no I'm allergic to people", with his silly drunken giggle. The surgery took about 30 minutes and when we saw him in recovery he was in a lot of pain. Once we got home and gave him some pain relief he has been good all day. He has showed us many times how he can breathe through his nose. This feels so good and new to him after not being able to for three years. The doctor called and said day five is the worst of the pain. We have a long week ahead of us.

Tomorrow is my long awaited muscle biopsy. I'm not really sure what to expect. I know they will take it from my leg, it will require stitches and a small scar. It is local anesthetic which I'm not happy about. I will be sore for about 5 weeks. I'm nervous but happy to get it behind me and one step closer to finding a diagnoses.

Thanks for all the prayers today. It really feels like we are getting up this hill.

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  1. Jonah, that little sweet guy, cracks me up! Love him! So thankful he can breathe! Will be praying for the days ahead. Will also be praying for tomorrow and Monday. Crazy how you all have waited soooooooo long for all these things like are happening within days of each other. I am petitioning the Lord for some answers as well! Blessings sweet friend!