Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Thursday, February 17, 2011

God is so great!

I LOVE to read stories of people being Gods hands and feet and advocating for the weak. Please read this entry from a blog I follow about an adoption ministry who had a great event last week. It just takes getting the word out and people stepping out in Faith and believing that God is BIG enough to help save these 147 million orphans.

147MILLIONORPHANS rocked the house!!

Yesterday was nothing short of a miracle...nothing short of God's hand. Since the launch of Hearts of Compassion Orphan Care Ministry in November 2009, 6 families have taken the plunge into adoption/foster care! Praise the Lord!!! He is stirring up compassion in the hearts of our church family and it has been amazing to witness. Yesterday afternoon was a big day for our ministry and God showed out! Families, not just from our church, but from many surrounding cities came together and the Lord was there...I believe hearts were touched and a difference was made for some orphans out there. Lifeline Adoption Agency also had a booth and gave out lots of good information....I can't wait to begin hearing stories of change and action!! I pray that God will continue to bless the lives of Suzanne, Gwen, their families and their ministry as they continue to be obedient. God doesn't just call people that have it all together...He calls the people that sometimes seem the least likely. Then, as they rely on Him alone to provide (whether it be finances, change of heart, or whatever), He gives them exactly what they need to do what He has called them to. It just takes stepping out IN FAITH. If it seems logical and you can figure it all out, then what glory does God get in that, if there is no risk, no sacrifice?? We step out IN FAITH when it seems IMPOSSIBLE to US!!! God steps in, does the IMPOSSIBLE and gets the glory HE ALONE deserves. So, I challenge you today to STEP OUT--if it doesn't make sense to the world and those around us, SO WHAT?? Life is a vapor...make a difference for Him and make a difference in an orphan's life today--whatever that looks like for your family.

Please continue to lift up the AWAA seminar in your prayers. Pray that lives would be changed and people would step out in faith.

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  1. OH HOW I NEEDED THIS TODAY!!! We have a huge decision this weekend and this was God speaking straight to my heart! I am going to send this to my husband. :) I love your heart and so thankful God has called us to this amazing journey!!!
    Love and joy to you sweet friend!!!