Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What They DO And How They Look

I am taking part in my first photo class, Joy to Love,
for the month of February.
(click to join!)
Yesterdays prompt was~ what they DO...
Todays prompt is How they look...
Since I just signed up last night I decided to do both on this post

This my Husband(Isn't he handsome)this picture was not taken by me. Since he is out of town I couldn't take his sweet picture. What does he do? He works for Evangelical Christian Credit Union. He handles major accounts. Schools, pair mission organizations and churches and helps them manage there accounts. He works really hard and we are so very lucky. Because of his hard work I get to stay home with my blessings. This is not all he does. He helps me raise our children, leads a Grace group at our church and recently became an elder. I'm proud to be his wife. We love you.

How they look...
This is my sweet Jonah. He is our silly guy. He is always first to make me and everyone around him laugh. He is the one we are most worried about with the ladies. He is a charmer and makes the girls smile already. Just look at that face . Can you blame them?

Hope you all join in on the fun.


  1. So as I was reading this, Bella came in and I asked her who that was (pointing at Jonah's pic) and she said with a slight whimsy in her voice and smile on her face, "Jonah" ~

    So you are right when you say he's a charmer. Bella has been charmed by this little man and we'll be watching that closely from here on out :)

  2. LOVE the photos you shared!!! This is SO fun isnt it??? SO happy you are joining in and we are in this together too!!! :)
    Blessings and Joy!

  3. Hi Melody,
    Yes, our families are very similar...two handsome boys and a beautiful China doll. God is Good!!
    Konner is 7 1/2, Kaleb just turned 6 and Kamdynn will be 2 in April. We live in Washington State :o)
    I look forward to staying in touch! I am excited to see God continue to use your family through AWAA.
    Stephanie Hampton