Counting Our Blessings

Counting Our Blessings

Sunday, January 30, 2011

busy weekend and rough nights

This was a packed weekend for all of us(well really for mom). Friday night my sweet mom took me to dinner and a musical. We saw A Chorus Line. It was great to spend time with her just the two of us. The blessings stayed home with dad and had a wii and popcorn night. Saturday I went to a tea comitee meeting for our churches woman's tea. I had delicious scones and spent time with some lovely ladies(thanks Joni). Then I went to my girlfriend Lu's house to help throw a shower for our friend Randi who is due with her fourth child next month. I came home for enough time to have dinner with my family and then I was off and running again. This time for another blessing shower for a friend who recently brought home two girls from Ethiopia. This was my fourth shower in one week. I love celebrating these children's lives and thank the Lord for each one of these special ladies. It is a joy to have you all in my life.

We could really appreciate your prayers. The last couple weeks have been hard with Hannah not sleeping well. Last night was our roughest night yet. She was up most of the night crying. Most nights she wakes up and we can give her a bottle and put her back down. She has been having a lot more night terrors and the lack of sleep is wearing on all of us. I'm going to be scheduling an appointment with her doctor to see if the medication may be related or what he thinks might help. We are just concerned because she is not napping very well either. well I'm off to take a much needed sunday afternoon nap.

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  1. Bless your hearts and so sorry Hannah is having such hard nights. SJ takes spells when she wakes up a lot and then once every 2 or 3 weeks she sleeps through the night(those are the nights when she stays dry). EK had way more night terrors than SJ does but not sure SJ has been home long enough maybe to be having them~ not sure. She was WAY more restless at night before her open heart than she has now. I am SO hoping Hannah has better nights this week. And you can grab a nap during the day. :) Praying for you today!
    Blessings and Joy!!!